Of what could have been

How can you leave me this way its just the way I came
Your fleeting glance rolls into the distance far away
Because theres a sunrise there another gourgous day
So leave me here in the dark id want it that way
I always wanted things to work out in time
I didnt know that meant I wold hang out to dry
I feel so hopeless cause theres nothing I can do
But sit and wait around for someone else like you

Oh the puzzle ive spoke of its peices are still gone
out of 10 thousand its five to me belong
and arms reach away love it will remain
and quicly fade but not as quickly as it came

The temptation of your bed caught up with me
and oh my heart did not know what to beleive
the candle on the bookcase it twisted and it turned
I should have thought for a minute I was being forwarned
The sunlight came and drown out your face
and a dark shadow was found later in its place
The love you may have felt for me has now gone to waste
Leaving behind your love for me,and the way you taste