Dr. Robyn's Valentine's Day Tips

Valentine's Day can be an exciting time to meet new people. While the holiday is often thought of as one for couples, it provides an excellent time for singles to meet new friends.

Dr. Robyn, a radio talk show host and licensed marriage counselor, warns, however, that your phone number is a doorway to your personal identity. A reverse search of your phone number can provide details about your private life and even your address, literally providing a map to your home. Always use a privacy-protected phone number like PrivateTel's MyPrivateLine (www.myprivateline.com), which forwards to any phone number of your choice (home, business or mobile), until you know someone well enough to give out your own phone number.

"There are many new ways to meet new and interesting people and Valentine's Day is a perfect time to do so," says relationship expert Dr. Robyn, a radio talk show host and Licensed Marriage Counselor.

Dr. Robyn offers the following tips for Valentine's Day dating:

1) Try an online dating service.
While in the past many have been, for lack of a better word, "shy"
about posting a personal ad in a print publication, the explosion of
online dating sites has inspired over two thirds of all singles to try
online dating, so it's more than likely that you might know someone who
is dating online. There are also Web sites that cater to all interests
-- religious, political, social, networking, or casual dating. Odds are
there is an online dating site for you. Valentine's Day is the perfect
time to test the waters.

2) Meet new people at group events.
Take advantage of any opportunities that you might have in your city or
town to meet people. Speed dating events take place all over the
country. Local professional groups and social clubs are a great way to
find friends with similar interests. These groups can put you in
contact with like-minded people.

3) Look around for Valentine's Day Singles Events.
Local Valentine's Day singles events often occur at popular bars and
nightspots. There are plenty of venues that offer singles-only events.
Check for event listings online or in your local newspaper.

4) Protect Your Privacy ... Date Safe!
Just because you're looking for that special someone, it doesn't mean
it's safe to give away detailed personal information about yourself.
When dating online or meeting people for the first time remember to
keep your personal safety in mind and your privacy in check. You never
know whom you're talking to when answering an ad or online posting -
even someone you meet in a club. So why give your phone number and
address to a perfect stranger?

Finally, don't go out with that special someone new on Valentine's Day without letting friends and families know where you're going, and always meet the first time in a public place.

Keep these tips in mind this Valentine's Day and date safe.

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About Dr. Robyn
Dr. Robyn DeVal is an internationally recognized relationship expert, marriage and family therapist and host of The Dr. Robyn Show radio show, (www.thedrrobynshow.com). She dedicates her life to helping people explore what is right for them. Dr. Robyn has appeared on Dr. Phil, CBS's 48 Hours and Fox News nationwide, among many other nationally syndicated shows.