Parents kiss their kids, aunts kiss their nieces, grandparents kiss their grandkids. And yes, boyfriends kiss their girlfriends. These are all expressions of love and tenderness. Your mouth and lips are where all of your thoughts and emotions come from, and to press them against another person is an ultimate form of communication.

Don't think that every kiss has to be an ultimate passion lip-locking extravaganza. Those types of kisses are about lust and power. The best kisses are the soft, tender ones - the ones that say "I am here, I love you and care about you."

For that true partner in your life, a soft kiss hello when you meet, and goodbye when you part, are great ways to make those times full of tenderness.

If you really want to start to try different kiss styles, read about Types of Kissing. But the best way to learn about kissing is simply to do it and see what you enjoy. Every human on the earth likes a different kiss style. Play with kissing and see what appeals to you.