unrequited love

It started with a broken heart
Not mine but yours that felt the pain
When I looked in your eyes it was the start
Of a love that would forever be in vain

When I saw he left you so hurt and alone
I wanted to hold you and make you feel whole
And let my feelings for you be shown
For you to see it was my heart you had stole

If a star fell when ever I thought of you
The nights sky would be empty save for the moon
Ever in my mind are your eyes that are a sea of blue
I wish drowning in them would be my doom

My skin longs for the touch of your fingertips
And to feel your heart beat against mine
I wish I could taste a kiss from your lips
A look upon your smile, there is nothing so devine

For your love
My soul to the Devil I would sell
If I could hold your hand like a glove
I would walk through the depths of hell

As I lie awake at night
I want to hold you in my embrace
To the death I would fight
For one last chance to see your face

A girl so beautiful and full of life
I only see in my dreams
I awake my heart cut open with a knife
A love unrequited so it seems

In my heart I know it,s true
I fear not pain nor torture nor death
Only the thought of losing you
I will love you with every last breath