Get Through Rebound First

When you are in that first rebound stage of a break-up, all sorts of wild thoughts go through your head. You hate your ex. You miss your ex desperately. You wonder what went wrong. You wonder why you stayed with your ex for so long because he was a jerk. You're excited about dating other people. You are really scared that you will NEVER find anyone else nearly as good as your ex was.

This is all very NORMAL and confusing and stressful. You tend to make really bad decisions during rebound because you feel so intensely and want to do SOMETHING to get the feelings to stop. And then when you are done with rebound you realize how bad of a decision you just made and want to undo it. Which can be difficult.

So the key is to WAIT if you're in rebound. Don't make any hasty decisions! Even if another person seems perfect, or even if it seems perfect to go back to your ex, just wait. Life is a long time made of many, many years. There is NO rush. If something was meant to be, it will work out. And by waiting, you are sure that it was REALLY meant to be and wasn't just a rash decision made in the heat of the moment.