Out of Money

Holidays can be stressful because of the expectations. You want to get your loved one the biggest gift, the most beautiful flowers, the most expensive diamonds. Real life usually interferes with these plans.

It may seem cliche that "itīs the thought that counts" but really, it is. I would MUCH rather get a little Japanese doll that someone searched for for hours than a giant heart-shaped box of chocolates grabbed at the local CVS. Most people are that way. Donīt think about the money - think about the person. What does this person really enjoy?

Maybe the person loves beaches - set side a whole day to do nothing but hang out on a beach! That time is worth MUCH more than any physical gift possibly could. Does she love birding? Spend a morning out at a bird sanctuary! Does he like music? Find a free concert on a common, and plan a picnic.

The time you spend planning, and the effort you put into finding something "just right", is better than any large purse could offer.