Getting your ex back

Me & my ex have been on & off for awhile, i love him but he goes away to school and its his senior year so wants to be single and its killing me! he's done this before when hes away at school so ive just tried to be strong.. what always works are these thigns.. (but it does take awhile, it doesnt mean u shud give up hope!)

- dont call
- on away messages be vague "out" "around" ..dont put ur life story up bc if he knows what ur doing he wont call or IM.. be mysterious. make him wonder!
- dont make contact.. he will evtnually contact u. but the first 1 or 2 times. dont answer and if u cant stand it. wait like a few days and be like sorry i was busy i cudnt respond
- dont get over excited
- always look ur best
- one time i had actually started talking to someone else. he came back crying, brought me flowers everyday for like 2 months, called me all the time, actually got to the point where it was annoying the hell outta me but i still kinda loved it..
- show him u have a life and u arent sitting home thinking about him or nething
- dont let him see u cry.. make it like ur happy go luck!!!