Most passionate goodnight kiss EVER!

When you and your girl are outside the theatre after watching the movie,or at home,unexpectantly grab her neck,firmly yet gently,and go in for a soft,sweet kiss.But thats not all.gently thrust her against a wall and pin her arms at her sides with your arms.Girls get extremely turned on when you do this.then become agressive.slide your tongue here and there,it so turns me on!
when he dives in for the soft,passionate kiss,put your hands lovingly on the sides of his face.When he becomes agressive and pins you againt the wall,act helpless and slide your tongue over his upper lip.My boy loved it.He told me he saw stars when i did that.Then when he becomes more agressive,gently but firmly bite his lower lip.This really turns my boy on.remember,be GENTLE,but be firm.Then when he pulls away,smile at him and say ,Damn you cxi lips.,
My boy loves it.