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Inexpensive Presents
Sometimes that small gift or present can become a treasured reminder of your love.

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A little reminder
Send him/her a reminder of you like a picture or just a note with a ...
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A Can Full of Love
I took an aluminium can, in my case it was a can of Campbell's Chicken Soup, ...
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A Flower A Day
If you're going to be apart, send her flowers to tell her you miss her. If you ...
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When your loved one iz sleeping put 0n a cute lil outfit that you noe he likes ...

an own organized dinner
when the wetter is nice organize a romantic dinner in a romantic environment ...
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Attracting girls
Talk proud of your love if she & you in a public ...
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Auto-on lights
It might seem like a small thing, but often itīs easing the smaller hurdles ...
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Be careful with Public Affirmation!
When you love someone you may want to shout it from the roof tops or take out a ...
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Be Creative
you don,t have to buy lavish gets for him/her. Take the time to make something ...
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always compliment something abt her when u meet.it gives her confidence n ...
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Familiar Perfume / Cologne
Send your love a teddy bear or a piece of clothing of yours that they ...
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Favourite Little Things
Say your sweetie likes something specific, like the NHL and has a favourite ...
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give time
need to give tim for your ...
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Hugs or kisses
If your dating someone and you want to hug them or kiss them.Don't try to do it ...
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jst feelings
take a card like paper nd jst draw sm lovely thngs on it ..including her ...
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Get a decorative jar from the dollar store. Fill it up with Hershey's Hugs and ...
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Musical gift
Find out ur love's favorite love songs n copy em 2 a cd then give it 2 dat ...
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night sms
just you tell that you are sleepy and stop messaging her at 9.. after she ...
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public affirmation
even when with "the boys", sitting somewhere, walking somewhere.. guys, make ...
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remebering flash back
you both talk about all the greatest things you had together.show the worth and ...
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Send Flowers Publicly
Have flowers delivered to a public location, so that your darling gets the ...
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something dear 2 some1 dear 2u
giv him smtin dear 2 u....ne of ur belonging....lik ur fav outfit or ur fav ...
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Take Photos
Get a camera, from a digital camera to a cheap disposable one. Take new photos ...
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the big gift
dont give her the big gift right away she will expect an even bigger every time ...
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The Time Capsule
Create a Time Capsule- Put wonderful things that remind you of your love for ...
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