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A Romantic Environment
Set up your world to encourage romance, and you will see it blossom before your eyes!

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Al i cn do
Evryday try 2 show or tel ur partner dat u realy cre bout hm or her i usd 2 ...
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Be yourself
Don,t try to hard to make it work because you might just lose it all. ...
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Better relationship..
Just love your partner deeply and passionately,u might get hurt but trust ...
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Caress Them
when with your lover, touch them, caress them, on the arm, leg, shoulder face.. ...
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Keep eye contact
Always look at your crush and dont look away when u see him looking at u .stare ...
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Kisses evry mrng
Neva eva go 2 wrk or whereva without kissin ur partna especialy on da ...
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Love brings happines
Love always brings happiness in life. u can all things that u think can make u ...
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love is in the air
i think love is incrediddble it makes u be awake all night, and it daunts u in ...
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love with ur heart
if u luv someone dont neva upset ...
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most improtant
when she or he trust you please dont brake ur lovers trust ...
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Never tell a lie to own partner
Because if we no honest own love then god cannot happy on you its real it is ...
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Only love
If ur lov is true then u no need 2 see idea on web, u will it automaticaly to ...
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you should write poetry to your partner coming from you not being copied from a ...
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resolving issues
never go to bed angry at each other,always try to work things out before ...
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Romantic Music
If you fill your ears with romantic music, you get swept up into the mood! Here ...
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Romantic Paintings
Put romantic prints and posters in your bedroom, your home, your office and ...
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Show Your Love
1.Always lock eyes when you talk 2.Guys when she is cooking/doing dishes ...
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the little things that count
My favorite night with my husband was so simple (and totally cost FREE!).... ...
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things we do 4 love
In a relationship u shud always be understanding even thou thngs dnt go ur way. ...
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try,things will work
1. Be true to partner.This will make ur relationship stronger as time pass. 2. ...
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your crush is your best friend
first spend a lot of time with your crush , wait untill he really noe u , then ...
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Your Crush On A Stranger
First, Do research on him/her nd then start by being friends with dat person. ...
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