Cheating and Lying

Rebuilding Damaged Trust
If you have lied to your partner, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, it can be very hard to repair that shattered trust. Here are some suggestions.

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Admit you're Both Wrong
Obviously whoever lied to his/her partner is the most at fault here. Lying ...
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Commit to Full Honesty
If you even got to the point that a partner could betray the other, then a ...
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Do what feels right for YOU
Nobody knows what really goes on in a relationship - the decision about whether ...
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Enlist Supportive Friends
This can be a tricky one. If your partner betrays you, it can be VERY easy to ...
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Find ways to improve
Lying is wrong, yes. But a good way to rebuild trust with your loved one again ...
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Give them a chance
Just because your partner cheated does not mean they aren't in love with you or ...
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Keep Apologizing
To a person capable of lying, just saying "I'm sorry" may seem like enough. ...
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let or her see logic
If the guilty spouse is still inlove with you and did not have a relatioship ...
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Lots of Quiet Time
One of the keys to rebuilding trust is to remind each other that you are both ...
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Remember Who The Good Guy Is
Whern someone lies it is often done as a survival method. The liar does not ...
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Share Everything
One of the results of betraying someone's trust is that they always wonder what ...
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So What, He's A Jerk.
Just Because He/She Cheated Doesn't Mean He/She Doesn't Love You, It Might Just ...
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The Cracked Pot
A lament some have after a betrayal of trust is that "things can never be the ...
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The Dire Crisis Scenario
Watch a few disaster films sometimes. There is usually a man and woman who are ...
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The Worst has Happened
Usually when you suspect your partner is cheating, you spin out these wild ...
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Try Not to Take it Personally
Just because your partner is cheating it dosent mean there's anything wrong ...
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