Fights and Arguing

From Grumpy to Happy
"Sometimes your partner is just in a bad mood. While you cannot make it your full time job to be your partner's ""entertainer"", here are some suggestions to lighten the mood."

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* It's Your Partner's Responsibility *
While there are many suggestions in this area on how to help your partner be ...
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Do Not Argue
Do not argue with your partner over silly stuff (fighting over little things) i ...
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do this it helps
c ...
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Don't Argue
Is someone is grumpy, they aren't necessarily thinking rationally. They are ...
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Eat a Good Meal
I'm definitely not saying to turn eating into a source of comfort long term. ...
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Eat More Healthily
It is simply amazing how changing the way you eat affects how you feel. I know ...
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Emphasize your Partner's Skills
Every one of us is good at something. If your partner is good at pool, go down ...
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Engage in Mindless Repetition
Part of what makes a grumpy person grumpy is that they are actively focussed on ...
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Get In some Exercise
If your partner is the active type, studies have shown that physical exercise ...
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See a Comedy
You might be amazed at how much your mood can lighten after seeing a funny ...
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The Bubble Bath
It's a cliche that all women love bubble baths - but many men do, too. And ...
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The Quiet Book on Tape
Keep a few supplies on hand for this one - * a few candles * two or three ...
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