Finding a Date

Choosing Between Two Partners
Just about everyone has to decide between two choices at some point in life. How do you make that decision?

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3 partner response and basic knowle
this is for the girl and any girl or guy who needs advice in the situation. ...
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Be Rational
If you can,t decide immediately who to go out with over two people than take ...
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Don't Jump for the Newcomer
When you've been with someone for a while, it is very easy to be swept away by ...
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Dont ask her about her Diet
It is never a good idea to ask how the diet going for her. LOL, founded out ...
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Fighting is Not Normal
We've all seen bad relationships, where people fight constantly. Some people ...
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Handsome / Sexy
I know it's tempting to choose a person based on their looks. But something you ...
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Happy and Content
Numerous studies show that your general happiness in life affects how long you ...
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Jealous or not?
I like 3 guys. One is a boy named Alex and he is real funny. We talk and joke a ...
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Monetarily Sound
I definitely do NOT feel you should date someone for money. Don't ever date a ...
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Think of who is the one that listens to you, who really does care about you, ...
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Quick Energy vs Long Term Affection
It's easy to have quick, fresh energy with new partners. But remember that a ...
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Sharing your Interests
The best partner is a best friend - someone who truly enjoys doing the things ...
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Who to save?
If your partner and lover were both drowning, who would you save? Which of ...
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