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Always make eye contact!!
In my experience, girls love it when you look into their eyes when you're ...
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be kule
dudes from experience just talk to her like yourself or something your friends ...
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Be your self
Be your self & just tell her how much u really love her & dont try to figure ...
Read Full Tip for Be your self

be yourself
be yourself not someone else the girl wants you not your best friend who is a ...
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When your with someone you like, always talk about anything random or something ...
Read Full Tip for Chatterbox

the confidence tat u can handle her is the key ...never loose ur ...
Read Full Tip for confidence

Don't do it
If you see that her titties are lop sided leave em alone. If you ever mention ...
Read Full Tip for Don't do it

dont act funny all the time
if u act funny all the time,she will think u are a big joke.and also if u are ...
Read Full Tip for dont act funny all the time

always give your lady a rose or a ...
Read Full Tip for flowers

Get comfortable around her
Don,t be nervous around her just act nice and be your self,also don,t be ...
Read Full Tip for Get comfortable around her

How to act
Be yourself and try to keep her attention to yourself, always treat her like a ...
Read Full Tip for How to act

How to make a girl like you
Be yourself dont just try to be someone your not or els she will see that your ...
Read Full Tip for How to make a girl like you

if she hugs you everyday
if a women hugs you everyday and stands next To you for like 30seconds that ...
Read Full Tip for if she hugs you everyday

join their sport
if ur not alrady in a sport and u know they r in 1 join the sport there ...
Read Full Tip for join their sport

keeping your cool
when your flirting dont point everthing towards you, you have to remember most ...
Read Full Tip for keeping your cool

laughing,joking, attiude
Look Guys it wayy easier than you think.... just tell her she looks nice (but ...
Read Full Tip for laughing,joking, attiude

Make fun of her!
I like it when the guy will make fun of say something kiddingly and then he ...
Read Full Tip for Make fun of her!

make her a queen
alwayz try to make her feel she the only gal u see in the world. make feel ...
Read Full Tip for make her a queen

Make her laugh!
Girls LOVE funny guys, that can be a deciding factor on if they like a guy or ...
Read Full Tip for Make her laugh!

make her smile!
hey i'm a girl and i love to smile, i just love it when the guys in my class ...
Read Full Tip for make her smile!

on the dance floor
take a casual look first, if she give back friendly sign (like a slight smile), ...
Read Full Tip for on the dance floor

Imperfection makes the perfection so don,t try to be perfect in order to make ...
Read Full Tip for Perfection

If you want to get a girl...don't talk about video games ...
Read Full Tip for Runescape

Show your Fun Side
when you like a girl show her your fun side. just remember not to act stupid, ...
Read Full Tip for Show your Fun Side

The Rule Of Respect
If you love the girl give her respect and show her she means the world to you ...
Read Full Tip for The Rule Of Respect

type of jokes
do chuck norris jokes cuz i now where u live if u dont :) cuz im chuck norris ...
Read Full Tip for type of jokes

wat to say
i like when guys say im sexy and say it over and ...
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when you're alone
if ur really close (face to face on a wall) put her hair behind her ears, and ...
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