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Instead of spending money on sweaters that will never be worn, make a real difference

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Big Brothers Big Sisters
Talk about the perfect charity to support! Big Brothers Big Sisters gets a TOP ...
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Childrens Hunger Fund
One of the best rated charities out there is the Childrens Hunger Fund. This ...
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Click to Feed Someone
At you can feed people with a simple click of the mouse. For ...
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Click to Fight Breast Cancer
Breast cancer affects 1 out of every 9 women. Surely there is a woman in your ...
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Click to Rescue Animals
Are you a fan of animals? Did you know that 10 million animals are abandoned or ...
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Click to Save Rainforest
Just one click, and you'll save a block of rainforest FOREVER. Think of all the ...
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Donate a Llama!
You can donate llamas, pigs, rabbits, goats and MUCH more through ...
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Donate Old Clothes
You grow and change every year. Your taste in clothing changes, too. If you ...
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Donate your Cell Phone
Most people get a new cell phone every year or two! Donate your old phones to ...
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Donate your Old Computer
If you're getting a new computer, give the old one to a group that could really ...
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Ebay Donations
This is great for clearing out those old CDs, DVDs, books, and even craft items ...
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Four Star Charity Listing
Want to support a local charity with your time and energy but not sure what ...
Read Full Tip for Four Star Charity Listing

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