Family Interactions

Sibling Rivalry
The happiness in your relationship is greatly influenced by how happy you are. And your personal happiness draws its strength from your home life.

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Accept that some complaints are valid
As a parent, it is easy to dismiss the complaints of children in a sibling ...
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Careful like ice
some single girls of age, will let u date their single sister of age, if she is ...
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Donīt always jump in
Itīs tempting for parents to always jump in to an argument, but this can often ...
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Get duplicates
If you bring home a video one child enjoys, grab another you know that will ...
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Give the kids space
Do you spend all your time with your friends? Probably not - you value your ...
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He hit me!
Calling a timeout for the child who hit is just the first step - the anger and ...
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Make time for the older child
Older children are often required to make many sacrifices when a new baby comes ...
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Making time for each
Many parents try to do everything together with their children - take them to ...
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Offer choices
When a decision has to be made, about clothes choices or ice cream or other ...
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Rivalry Basics
Sibling Rivalry is in essence when two or more children both are vying for the ...
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Treat the children as individuals
You may subconsciously be helping sibling rivalry if you ever say things like, ...
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