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Turning Up the Heat
Learn tips about dealing with your sexuality and with your partner, whether it¦s a new date or a decades-known spouse. Sometimes a kiss or hug can be all it takes!

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Bed of Roses
Buy rose petals at your local florist (some will sell only the petals--if yours ...
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Body Paints
Want something fun and different? Grab some (obviously non-toxic) body paints. ...
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Candle Lit Bedroom
Nothing says romance more than candle light,, Surprise your man with a ...
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Choose a scent
People´s sense of smell is extremely powerful. Choose a scent you enjoy a lot, ...
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Clothes Make the Person
When you dress to attract someone, wear clothes that make you feel great about ...
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Different Perfume for a Day
People pay attention to breaks in routines. If you get used to certain fabrics, ...
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Explore Food
It´s been played up in movies, but it´s really an exercise in trust. Blindfold ...
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follow the leader
Let one of you be the "leader". Make all the moves. Your partner will surely ...
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wear a garterbelt with black seamed ...
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Giving Hickeys
Hickeys (also spelled hickies and hickes) are in essence one person causing a ...
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innocent dominance
My boyfriend is really dominant, so of course it gets him hot when I,m on top. ...
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Keep Learning
Keep an open mind about new ways to have fun. If you´re falling into a rut, get ...
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Lingerie for Every Day
Some people only put on lingerie for 5 minutes when trying to entice their ...
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Lingerie Model
Take your man to VIctoria´s Secret or Frederick´s of Hollywood (or your ...
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Naughty, Naughty
Take him out to dinner, anywhere he wants. During dinner, tease him a little, ...
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Pornography can be both a good and bad thing in a relationship - it all depends ...
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Sheets and Texture
Sheets may seem like a meaningless thing, but they are after all often the ...
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The Letter Game
Have your partner lie down or lean forward, and slowly track letters on his or ...
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Time of Day
Most men are naturally primed for sex when they wake up in the morning. If you ...
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Try a blindfold
This is a trust-building exercise - blindfold your partner and then gently ...
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try a neck massage
When you are with your partner and you want to have a little bit of an ...
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