Rekindling the Romance

The Physical Side
Every relationship goes through its highs and lows, its ups and downs. That's what life is all about. Learn more about keeping the love and fun in your relationship.

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Back rubs
Touch is extremely important, and is a way of staying connected with your ...
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Creative Night Wear
Men - buy a nightgown, the kind which resembles a really long T-shirt. ...
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When both partners feel bored at a place. you can rekindle the state of romance ...
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GUYS! find her hotspots
when u know the places that turn her on STAY IN CONTACT WITH THEM. ALWAYS. its ...
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Have Fun with Food
Get some whipped cream, some chocolate sauce and whatever other sauces you ...
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kiss, cuddle and squeeze
Its easy as hell, fun and makes you feel all warm inside!!! Simple, kiss, ...
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Massage and Baby Oil
Keep a bottle of massage oil or baby oil around the house. They come in many ...
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Physical attraction
Itīs not exactly PC or fair, but many people react differently to their ...
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Pillows, Blankets and TV
Instead of watching TV in two separate recliners, bring some pillows and ...
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Shower/Bathe Together
This one never gets old. Shower with your partner, wash each other's hair or ...
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surprise your partner
whenever you remember reach over and touch your partner, or give them a kiss ...
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Take a stroll
Take a stroll to a quiet place and enjoy together the sounds of nature, the ...
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Its crazy how a simple touch can say so much! Every once in a while, when you ...
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Touch Often
Whether it's the hug when you say hello or goodbye, sitting side by side while ...
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Towel your partner off when he or she comes out of the shower. It might ...
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Watch Romantic Videos
It's amazing how much watching a movie can affect your mood. If you watch ...
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Rekindling the Romance : List of Topics
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We all make mistakes in life. For whatever reason, you are now apart from your ex, and you miss him! It's time to take charge of your future and find a way to get him back with you again.

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