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Free Presents - Easy
The best things in life are free. Here are a collection of free romantic gifts that will always be treasured.

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A Free Makeover
If your partner enjoys makeup, offer to go with her to one of those free ...
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A List of Things you Love
If its your boy/girl friend birthday. You could make a list of things you love ...
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A Walk in the Woods
Just spending time alone together is often more of a treat than anything else ...
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Bags of Love
Type the word 'love' onto the computer in all different fonts and colors, print ...
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Breakfast in Bed
It seems cliche, but wake up extra early on the special day and make your ...
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Chocolate Pirate Treasure
1. Build a medium sized pirate treasure chest out of wood or cardboard ...
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Give it Uniquely
Sometimes its not the gift, but how you give it. Try these neat ideas: ~ ...
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Hand Made Card
Just about every computer nowadays can create lovely, personalized cards, ...
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Keep the Romance Alive
There are many times that you give gifts that are non-romantic, like socks or ...
Read Full Tip for Keep the Romance Alive

Make a Book on Tape
If your true love has a favorite poem or short story they love, make a ...
Read Full Tip for Make a Book on Tape

Make a Card
Make a card and give him/her a picture of you inside. You can personalize the ...
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Painted Stones
Rocks are the ultimate symbol of stability and long lasting. Find a rock with a ...
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Photo Frame
Sometimes photos are the best gift at all. Get pictures of you and your partner ...
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Picture poem
This is great to do on the computer as long as you have photoshop. Get a ...
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Poetry Reading
Go to your local library and get out books on poetry. Spend your time with your ...
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Promise a Chore
We all have chores that weve put off because they were boring or tedious. As a ...
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Rock Collecting
Your time with your darling is tracked in your memories of time together. Every ...
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Spend the time
The best things in life are truly free. Set aside your time, and really spend ...
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The Coupon Book
Think up ten things that your partner loves to do, but you usually hesitate at ...
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when u go in the store to get gas
when u go in the store and leave ur partner in the car 2get gas they arnt ...
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window stickers
For valentine's day i bought 2 packs of window stickers from the 99 cent store ...
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