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Anniversary Gifts
There are traditional presents associated with each milestone in a relationship. Whether you're celebrating marriage or just being together, here are the traditional presents to give.

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1st Anniversary
The 1st anniversary is barely out of the honeymoon stage! Traditional presents ...
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2nd Anniversary
The 2nd anniversary is just out of the honeymoon stage, where the couple is ...
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3rd Anniversary
At the third anniversary the couple is settled in well and working as a team. ...
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4th Anniversary
By the 4th anniversary, the couple has gone through both good and bad, and has ...
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5th Anniversary
By the 5th anniversary you know the relationship is a lasting one. Get them a ...
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10th Anniversary
Itīs funny how times change. In years past it was an honor to get something of ...
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15th Anniversary
The 15th anniversary is a time for splurging. 15 years is long enough that the ...
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20th Anniversary
By the 20th anniversary the couple has been around for a while, has gone ...
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25th Anniversary
Most people know the 25th anniversary - itīs silver. Silver is one of the most ...
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30th Anniversary
The 30th anniversary is the diamond anniversary. Diamonds have been precious ...
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35th Anniversary
By the time of the 35th anniversary, your couple is ready for something more ...
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40th Anniversary
The 40th Anniversary is signified by the ruby, that red gem of love. Look into ...
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45th Anniversary
The 45th anniversary is the Sapphire anniversary. You can find a gorgeous ...
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50th Anniversary
The 50th Anniversary is the ultimate achivement for a couple to reach. This is ...
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Wine for Aging
A great anniversary tip involves planning beforehand. Get a bottle of wine that ...
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