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The First Time
Learn tips about dealing with your sexuality and with your partner, whether its a new date or a decades-known spouse. Sometimes a kiss or hug can be all it takes!

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always be calm
always stay clam dont get ready then get scared and back ...
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be comfortable with what happening
make sure you are comfortable with the guy you are with of course. girls is ...
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Be Sure YOU Want To
There is a huge amount of pressure that goes along with the First Time in sex. ...
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First Kiss
How do I kiss him/her for the first time? *Softly and slowly. You dont want ...
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I need help!!!
ok so here is the situation. He has kissed plenty of times before but ive never ...
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Keep Expectations Reasonable
Media gives us HUGE expectations for the first time. There will be bells ...
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Kissing isnt easy !
why do people always say just follow ur instincts but when it comes to makeing ...
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Know each other well first :)
The last thing you need is to be anymore less experienced when it comes to your ...
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Set a Relaxed Scene
Youre going to probably be nervous the first time just because it *is* the ...
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Slow First Kiss
Make sure u have a lot of privacy. Hold their hand, look into their eyes... ...
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The mood
Make sure that the room is barley lit, maybe by a candle or even just a TV on ...
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weird stuff...
don,t expect your partner to do the weird stuff you see in porno movies. like, ...
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