Jealousy and Envy

Dealing with Jealousy
Jealousy and envy easily destroy relationships that otherwise were perfect. A partner who is always jealous can drive away even the most sweet and loyal partner. Help find ways to deal with jealousy before it causes your relationship to self-destruct.

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How to Overcome Jealousy
This free on line course takes you step by step through dealing with Jealousy ...
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an Ex is an Ex for a reason
Why be jealous of an Ex girl/ boyfriend? they broke up for a reason. don't let ...
Read Full Tip for an Ex is an Ex for a reason

Become Bored with It
You can become bored with just about anything. No matter how much you love ...
Read Full Tip for Become Bored with It

Bite your tongue
Sometimes when we get a jealous thought or feeling people tend to "explode". ...
Read Full Tip for Bite your tongue

Facing your Fears
A lot of jealousy stems over a particular incident, a trigger thought. Maybe ...
Read Full Tip for Facing your Fears

Gain Control Over the Pain
Jealousy really only hurts the jealous person - itīs often a knife that plunges ...
Read Full Tip for Gain Control Over the Pain

Give it Time
Jealousy wonīt vanish overnight, and it wonīt vanish without working on it. ...
Read Full Tip for Give it Time

Jealous Me
I am a product of a jealous father. In the beginning of my dating life knowing ...
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Look within yourself
Maybe jealousy doesn't always come from your partner being a flirt, or sexy. ...
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Take a Deep Breath
Try to control your jealousy, even if you are jealous about little things, ...
Read Full Tip for Take a Deep Breath

The Dutch Cow
I love this name :) In Holland they put bells around the necks of cows, so the ...
Read Full Tip for The Dutch Cow

Think of Your Partner as a Team Member
View your partnership as a team. View your partner as a team member. You two ...
Read Full Tip for Think of Your Partner as a Team Member

too much arguing
Okay so.. every time my boyfriend even talks to another girl I get so ...
Read Full Tip for too much arguing

Trust and understanding
First of all .. if you trust your partner or the person you love you won,t get ...
Read Full Tip for Trust and understanding

Jealousy can be brutal to ones emotions, but we must understand the root of our ...
Read Full Tip for Understanding

Why doubt urself?
Most times people are jealous because they feel they are not good enough to ...
Read Full Tip for Why doubt urself?

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