Long Distance and Internet

Dangers to Watch For
Trying to have a relationship over the internet or miles away? It can be very rewarding, but it can also be quite a challenge. Try out these tips to help keep your relationship happy!

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Cheating on your Partner
An internet friend can easily become a ´fantasy partner´ - always friendly, ...
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Delusions of Grandeur
In the humble beginnings of your long distance relationship, it is very likely ...
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Does abence really make the heart grow fonder?
I've tried to have a long distance relationship with a very respectable young ...
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Empowered or Ensnared?
As your relationship with your distant love blossoms and as the revelations ...
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Fantasy vs Reality
When your partner is not around to constantly ´remind´ you what he/she is ...
Read Full Tip for Fantasy vs Reality

He/She Won´t Move!
At some point, just about every long distance relationship gets to the point ...
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I'm in a long-term online relationship
I have known my partner online for nearly 7 years now. Obviously, online ...
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Incredible but True
If your far away love disappears and is not present at times where you both ...
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internet a true love
U want to have a true love ,internet can offer u so. love is heaven. love is ...
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Know When to Wa,lk Away
Sometimes in meeting the love of your life who happens to be far away, it may ...
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Know Your Partner
You´ve probably heard all the stories - men pretending to be women, women ...
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Me and My love!
I've known my internet guy for about 7 months now and i have absolutlely ...
Read Full Tip for Me and My love!

Needing Someone Nearby
As much as you may love your distant partner, at some point you may simply want ...
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No Follow Through
If your long distance partner continually fails to follow through whether it be ...
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I met with my boyfriend while on holidays last summer.Although we are living in ...
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I bet your thinking this is a “the dangers of my long distance partner cheating ...

Set Clear Expectations
Often the internet is used to maintain a long distance relationship. This can ...
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Love will always make it's way. If you are able to express exactly how you ...
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we met 4 years ago in a social networking site. that feeling when you think ...

The Unheard Tone
When you talk in person there is an unheard message in the tone of voice you ...
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Truth Comes in Many Forms
If you find yourself continually wondering whether your true love from afar is ...
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Who Controls the Information?
If your love from afar does not allow you to talk with family members, nor ...
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Yellow Brick Road
Did you ever stop to think your dear, sweet listener on the distant end is ...
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