Becoming Soulmates

One Step Each Month
Love at first sight is a myth - your eyes only see the similarity to a favorite movie star or novel hero. It's the time you spend together, where you share your innermost secrets, that builds the bonds of soulmates.

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Accept the Faults
For just a month, resolve to ACCEPT (not just *ignore*) your partnerīs faults. ...
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declaration of love
buy glow in the dark stars and whilst your partners out, stick these stars on ...
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Explore your Hobby
For one month, delve into a common hobby you both love. Take a course in ...
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get in the agenda
though both of you may have steady jobs do not neglect each others need for ...
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Kiss your partner passionately at least once a day. Make it unexpected as well ...
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Practice Compliments
Often couples have trouble giving each other compliments, and that can make one ...
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Reminders of Love
For a month, plan a small gift for your partner for each day. It doesnīt need ...
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Spend Time Together
Itīs easy with todayīs hectic schedules to put off your partner until īlaterī. ...
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Take an In-Home Vacation
For one month, declare it in-home vacation time. Chores donīt really matter, ...
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Talk To Each Other
For one month, make a strong effort to really talk to each other. It doesnīt ...
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Tell them how yOu feel!
Everyday fOr the next month tell your partner yOu lOve them at least once ...
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Trick/Playful Letter
If you and your partner are in school together (normally a good idea for middle ...
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