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Interested in how to flirt? We've got tips, techniques and primers on great ways to flirt. Even shyness can be a good thing!

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A Fun Hat
Get a cool hat - whether it's a team baseball hat, a hat with a funny saying, ...
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A Good Book
Carry a hardback or paperback book with you that you're reading. Most people ...
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A hand fan
A hand fan has got to be the most romantic thing you could hold when out with ...
Read Full Tip for A hand fan

A Rainy Day Umbrella
Keep a small umbrella around where itīs easy to get to, in your locker or desk ...
Read Full Tip for A Rainy Day Umbrella

A Surprise in Your Pocket
My boyfriend always puts his hands in my back pockets when we hug. So, I ...
Read Full Tip for A Surprise in Your Pocket

A Tattoo
While people would be shy about complimenting on a body part, itīs always open ...
Read Full Tip for A Tattoo

A warm smile
Seriously, that can be one of the biggest attractions. A smile does ...
Read Full Tip for A warm smile

Always have a pen!
Always have a pen so you can write ur cell ...
Read Full Tip for Always have a pen!

An Interesting Pet
Iīm not saying you should get a cat or dog *just* to meet people, but if you ...
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An Interesting Saying
There are t-shirts, mugs, buttons, stickers, and other items with all sorts of ...
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wear axe, it makes you look like you have a boyfriend and it'll make you even ...
Read Full Tip for axee

Be Congruent
You can say or ask almost ANYTHING to a girl, without her taking offense, if ...
Read Full Tip for Be Congruent

Be hip at the bar or nightclub, have a lighter.
If you are over 18 and go to nightclubs and bars in states where they still ...
Read Full Tip for Be hip at the bar or nightclub, have a lighter.

Chicken Nuggets
If you have these tasty treats with you any guy is surely going to be ...
Read Full Tip for Chicken Nuggets

find out!!!
find out what team they like and write the team name on your arm or get a ...
Read Full Tip for find out!!!

the title pretty much says it all. bring gum, and offer it to the guy/girl ...
Read Full Tip for Gum

Try wearing a ring or dangly bracelet you could also just wear a nice lolor of ...
Read Full Tip for Hands

Interesting Jewelry
That doesnīt mean TONS of jewelry, but choose an item thatīs intriguing and ...
Read Full Tip for Interesting Jewelry

Keep your hands occupied
have sumthing in ur hands, don't fidget with it tho! its duzn't matter wat it ...
Read Full Tip for Keep your hands occupied

Key Car Items
Do you have a car you use at least occasionally? Key things to keep in it are ...
Read Full Tip for Key Car Items

Latest But Appropriate Outfits
New outfits are able to catch anyone's attention so it'll make her ask about ...
Read Full Tip for Latest But Appropriate Outfits

lengthening, curling, and separating mascara
yew can get a goodtube of mascara at walgreens. make sure your eyelashes look ...
Read Full Tip for lengthening, curling, and separating mascara

lip gloss
You don't want to have your lips al dry while your partner or the person that's ...
Read Full Tip for lip gloss

Make sure you both wear hats
if you are a preteen this might help: make sure you both wear hats. try to ...
Read Full Tip for Make sure you both wear hats

buy a monkey and have him sit on your shoulder and then he will go around ...
Read Full Tip for MONKEY BIZNUS

Nose Teaser
There are many brands of lip glosses that sell flavors that u can smell and ...
Read Full Tip for Nose Teaser

you need nothing majour to flirt just your self,as lond as your interesting ...
Read Full Tip for nothing

Pins or Buttons
Get a collection of fun pins and use a random one each day. That will help to ...
Read Full Tip for Pins or Buttons

Get her boozed up. That way you'll seem like you're more attractive, funnier, ...
Read Full Tip for RUM!!!!

Sexy eyes
People always notice someone's eyes, why not make yours look amazing? Play ...
Read Full Tip for Sexy eyes

Something to Drop
If you drop something, people tend to be helpful and pick it up for you. Carry ...
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Always be a little teasing- it's awkward when it's all compliments and how much ...
Read Full Tip for Teasing

Keep an umbrella around on a rainy day. Teasinly ask your 'friend' if they want ...
Read Full Tip for Umbrella

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