Fights and Arguing

An Angry Partner
A relationship will always involve discussions and disagreements. It should NOT involve yelling and screaming, and any amount of physical abuse is too much! Learn how to deal with anger and conflict without losing control.

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'We're on the same team!'
Nothing makes an irritable mate feel like more of an jerk than, when things ...
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biblical tip
A soft tongue turns away ...
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Donīt Accept Name Calling
There is only one purpose of name-calling, and that is to demean the person ...
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Donīt Get Drawn In
Donīt let yourself get sucked into the angry situation. If your partner is ...
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Donīt Ignore the Anger
Something that really makes angry people even angrier is if they feel their ...
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Find Common Ground
Sometimes people get really angry because they are convinced you donīt ...
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Give him space
when he gets angry just walk away for atleast 15 minutes, then come back to ...
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Keep your Cool
Probably the most important thing in dealing with an angry partner is to keep ...
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Let him know it's ok
If your partner is mad at you, listen to him/her and look at it from their ...
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Looking back.
most of the time people do forget their best moments in their ...
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playing the game
if your partner is doing something you don't like give them a taste of there ...
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