Rekindling the Romance

Keys to Staying Together
Every relationship goes through its highs and lows, its ups and downs. That's what life is all about. Learn more about keeping the love and fun in your relationship.

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'I've got 'em so why try?'
Never ever let your relationship get to the " i've got em-they know i love ...
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A Date at Home
Make a romantic meal, preparing it together. Put candles on the table. Dress up ...
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A day off
Give your partner the day off. Do your her chores for the day. Let her do ...
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A Sense of Humor
One key trait that researchers find in just about every long-lasting couple is ...
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Affection and Caring
One of the most important things that long term couples do is continue to care ...
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Back Massages
A great back massage after a stressful day really shows you care. Even if you ...
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Be there for her!!!
(For boys in a high school relationship) Listen to her! If you call her or if ...
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Sometimes being with your special someone 24/7 can hurt the relationship. You ...
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Ignoring your partner may make them to feel like you don't need them anymore, ...

Donīt Smoke
You may think this is a little strange - I know I found it strange! Researchers ...
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Drink in Moderation
On one hand, people who drink a glass of red wine a day are shown by ...
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get lost into each other
just stay together 4 d whole day n get lost into eachother!talk abut everything ...
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Try to compramise with one another and find the little things that your other ...
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Your breath is noticed even if your partner says nothing about it. It's your ...
Read Full Tip for Hygiene

I love you Julie
Does this ...
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keep on saying I LOVE YOU
never stop saying the i love you cause he or she will how much you really feel ...
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Humor is the glue that bonds friendships, and for that matter, relationships ...
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never talk about how much more fun u had when you were just friends
if i would have talked about the more fun we had as just friends id have the ...
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Re-live the moment
If you two have been together for a while, make a very romantic dinner and try ...
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Rekindle Your Flame
When you have been married many years, have gone through a great trial, or have ...
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Rekindling The Fire--By Julie
To the lost Valentine who asked if saying I Love You on the information ...
Read Full Tip for Rekindling The Fire--By Julie

Stay Active
Staying active doesnīt mean you have to be ready to run a marathon, or work ...
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talk to them every chance u get so they kno u like ...
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This is to the guys: Don't be tempted
Even though there are many good looking girls out there, like your ex, ...
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Do something together. Consider volunteer work or even a household project. The ...
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Work out problems you have
In order to stay together for a while really needs one thing.... communication. ...
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