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A Pair of Animals
There are all sorts of animal kingdom combinations you can come up with. The ...
Read Full Tip for A Pair of Animals

Adam and Eve
One great Halloween costume is to go as Adam and Eve, because everybody ...
Read Full Tip for Adam and Eve

BatMan and BatGirl
This is always fun because you can do lots of dramatic entrances and exits, and ...
Read Full Tip for BatMan and BatGirl

Chick Magnet
This is a funny outfit for a couple. The girl dresses up like a chicken, and ...
Read Full Tip for Chick Magnet

Chuckie and Bride
If you're into horror movies, go for something scary like Chuckie and his ...
Read Full Tip for Chuckie and Bride

Cleopatra and Marc Anthony
This is a couple that most people know about, and usually you don´t have to be ...
Read Full Tip for Cleopatra and Marc Anthony

DArtagnan and Constance
Got some swashbuckling moves you want to enjoy? Why not go as the youngest ...
Read Full Tip for DArtagnan and Constance

Don't dress the same
Im a girl n from experence guys dont like to hav costumes that go together. ...
Read Full Tip for Don't dress the same

Green Man and Nature Goddess
Go back to your roots by dressing up as the Green Man and Nature Goddess. Both ...
Read Full Tip for Green Man and Nature Goddess

lovely men/women
Dress like a girl if you are men and if you are women dress like a boy, even ...
Read Full Tip for lovely men/women

Papa smurf and smurfette
buy blue body latex paint so it wont rub off. its takes a little bit of time to ...
Read Full Tip for Papa smurf and smurfette

Robin Hood & Maid Marian
This is a great combination for romantic lovers. Robin Hood can dress in green ...
Read Full Tip for Robin Hood & Maid Marian

Romeo and Juliet
If you´re going for the star-crossed lovers kind of Halloween costume, you can ...
Read Full Tip for Romeo and Juliet

Samson and Delilah
This might be a harder one for people to guess. The man has to be a strongman ...
Read Full Tip for Samson and Delilah

Sultan and Harem Dancer
Are you both very flirtatious? This might be the perfect costume for you two! ...
Read Full Tip for Sultan and Harem Dancer

The Wizard of Oz
You have lots of choices here! You can have Dorothy and the Tin Man, Dorothy ...
Read Full Tip for The Wizard of Oz

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