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Overall Balance
Looking for balance in your life? Too much work and too little time? Read on for tips on managing your world and lowering your stress.

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Balance Work, Study and Play
It is important to try to balance the parts of your life. You always want to be ...
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Be On Time
Try not to be late because if you are late you'll rush and probably ending up ...
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Being Important
You may be one person to the world but to one person you may be the ...
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Close Your Eyes
Whenever you are stressed out, close your eyes and think of something beautiful ...
Read Full Tip for Close Your Eyes

Easing main concerns
Sit down separately and write down your top concerns with the relationship - do ...
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Finding Quality Time
Itīs such a cliche now, but make time for your family and partner. BE there. ...
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Know Yourself
The first step in finding a balance in a relationship is to figure out what ...
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Music Soothes the Soul
A fair amount of working through relationships is learning to understand your ...
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Perfectionists Seek Nothing that is ...
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Schedule play time
With days being so hectic, it is often easy to schedule work, chores, family ...
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Set your own goals
People can easily get into the habit of doing what their parents tell them to ...
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Share some hobbies
While itīs good to have separate interests, try to make sure at least some of ...
Read Full Tip for Share some hobbies

Show Comfort
If you are in a relationship and your gf/bf is stressed about something show ...
Read Full Tip for Show Comfort

Soothing Fragrances
Aromatherapy has been proven scientifically to have strong effects on people. ...
Read Full Tip for Soothing Fragrances

Soothing Music
Undoubtedly you've discovered for yourself how much music can affect your mood. ...
Read Full Tip for Soothing Music

Spread Joy
Find small ways to spread joy in your daily life to those around you. You never ...
Read Full Tip for Spread Joy

Stay Healthy
It seems like such an easy thing - you wash your clothes, you put oil in your ...
Read Full Tip for Stay Healthy

Take Care of Family
Don't forget that there are people who care for you, spend time with them, you ...
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