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Gifts Under $10
A budget is a good thing - and love shouldn't require giant outlays of cash. Here are gifts that are inexpensive but meaningful.

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101 Reasons I love you
You could write 101 reasons you love him/her on index cards... or cut hearts ...
Read Full Tip for 101 Reasons I love you

A Back Massage
Get a bottle of scented massage oil in his or her favorite scent. Everybody ...
Read Full Tip for A Back Massage

A Movie Marathon
Get a bunch of videos you know your partner loves, either from the video store ...
Read Full Tip for A Movie Marathon

Bookmark - Personalized
Self stick laminated material is very inexpensive. Get yourself some pretty ...
Read Full Tip for Bookmark - Personalized

Candy Love heart
I took a Candy heart that said I Love You on it and I slipped it in my g/fs ...
Read Full Tip for Candy Love heart

Champagne Flutes
Sure, you may not drink Champagne. But all sorts of drinks are given a special ...
Read Full Tip for Champagne Flutes

favorite things
I think a really good gift is just a bunch of different things that remind you ...
Read Full Tip for favorite things

Flower Seeds
Get your loved one a packet of flower seeds and a small pot with dirt. Try to ...
Read Full Tip for Flower Seeds

Mirror Mirror
Give her a small mirror with a note on the back that says something like "Here ...
Read Full Tip for Mirror Mirror

Mix Tape
Keep track of which songs your partner really likes. Then gather up the songs ...
Read Full Tip for Mix Tape

I find that slipping your loved one a note or a letter everyday without that ...
Read Full Tip for Note

Paint Her Toes
If you're dating a female, get some fun nail paints and paint hearts and ...
Read Full Tip for Paint Her Toes

Photo Frame
Get a lovely photo frame and put in a photo of you two together. It'll be ...
Read Full Tip for Photo Frame

Polymer Clay Jewelry
I adore polymer clay. You can mold this clay into pretty much any shape you ...
Read Full Tip for Polymer Clay Jewelry

Relaxing Tea Assortment
Get your darling a selection of relaxing, non-caffeine teas along with a pretty ...
Read Full Tip for Relaxing Tea Assortment

ride that machine!
if you have a large backyard, get out the ride on mower and ride it together, ...
Read Full Tip for ride that machine!

Turn her lights on
Get him/her a lightswitch plate, and decorate it cute!!! With lettering, write ...
Read Full Tip for Turn her lights on

Turn herr on!
give her a rose. i think thats ...
Read Full Tip for Turn herr on!

unexpected surprises
If you slip to your loved one a small love note, or an encouraging message ...
Read Full Tip for unexpected surprises

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