Presents and Gifts

Gifts $10 - $30
There are times that you have a little extra cash, and want to splurge on your loved one. Here are some ideas.

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A Window Birdfeeder
Sometimes itīs the little things that bring years of joy. Does the person ...
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Carved in Stone
Find a nice, large smooth stone. Engrave "I love (his/her name)" on it. You can ...
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Favorite Incense
Try out different scents on your partner and figure out which your partner ...
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Gather Gifts Ahead of Time
All women give their men "gift hints" occasionally. When you go shopping with ...
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Giant Teddy Bear!
Buy her the biggest, hugest teddy bear you can find. then, go to school early, ...
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gifts for men
ladies, try buying him something he's going to use often. Like maybe a razor? ...
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Give a Little Whistle
Send or give her a brass or gold-plated whistle and have a heart and the ...
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Personalized Plate or Mug
They sell kits where you draw an image on a plate or mug, send it off for ...
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Personalized Tshirt
There are many websites that let you create your own tshirts. You can also get ...
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Photo Playing Cards
Many places sell playing cards with custom photos on them. Make up a set of ...
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Picnic for Two
Get a picnic basket and fill it with fresh fruits, grapes, sandwiches, and ...
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Romantic Movie Out
When a romantic movie comes into town, make a date and take your darling out to ...
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Spa Kit
Many people dream of going off to a spa. Put together your own in expensive spa ...
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Teddy Bear
It's so simple, and the best way to show a girl you really like your sensitive ...
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Two Birthstones
Find a keychain, bracelet or necklace that has the ability to be customized, ...
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Video Games or Sports Items
its a guy chicas. he doesnt want much. what he does want, he usually has.xept ...
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