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For Guys
OK, Guys im a girl i know what girls like and dont be afraid -Girls love it when they get complimented on what they are wearing - We always like someone who is out going and can have tuns of fun -Looking into our eyes playfully gets butterflies in our stomaches which is really good if you want the girl -look like you are interested in the convo we think that its refresing because most guys dont -if your taking her out pick someplace playful with fun and then for dinner pick somewhere nice looking and has good food -Hold doors for her so she thinks hey hes out going funny and is a gentlmen - dont pretend to be something your not though -grab her hand gently - smiling at her makes her know that your a friendly person -talk to her about things she like and that you both like, so if she says she likes soccer go really?me too! its my favourite sport.but the things you both like u actually have to like it not just say u do -we like people who tell the truth but dont hurt our feelings -playfully flirt -BE NICE THAT IS PRETTY MUCH WHAT A GIRL LIKES IN A GUY IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR NEED MORE ADDVICE JUST REPLY TO ME!

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