How to Get Along at the Prom

Proms can seem extremely stressful. Usually there's only ONE in a given year. It's a huge deal, everybody is paying attention to everybody. It's something people dream about for years beforehand, and have in their memories for the rest of their lives. It's something extremely important, and you can only go with one person.

This being said, a prom is supposed to have FUN! It won't be fun if you're super stressed out over what your shoes look like or that you're going to trip and fall on your face. Here are some tips to get you through the night.

Have Fun!
A prom is about enjoying the person you're with and the people in your group. Don't go with someone that "looks good" but isn't nice or fun. When you look back on it, you'll remember the awful time you had and not that he maybe had a cute smile if you ever had bothered to look at it.

You're not going to trip - or if you do, you'll get back up again! People do all sorts of silly things at proms. It's OK, it's what they're all about. Everybody will be making mistakes all night. If you make one, laugh it off, and enjoy the fun.

Eat & Drink in Moderation
Some proms serve you food, and at some you go out to dinner. Make sure you eat well so you're not starving and cranky later - that would really ruin the night! But don't completely gorge yourself either. You don't want to have a massive stomach ache while everybody is laughing and having fun.

Mingle a Bit
This is your chance to get around and talk to people that you might normally not. It's a special occasion, everybody is friendly. Go make some new friends, get out of your own crowd for a while. You might be amazed what interesting people are in your own class, that you've never gotten to know.

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