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He Married Another and Came Back to Me

I have been loving R since my Sophomore years. I had admired lots of boys but when I started to like him, it was like my heart already found his match and closed its door. Destiny was so kind to me that times that we became close friends, had MU, and eventually, he courted me in front of my classmates and I answered him with a "yes".

Our relationship lasted for 6 years until he entered military. I trusted him because I know that he's a loyal man of words. But he almost killed my heart when he said that he fell in love with my best friend E for 8 years. E was always first in everything we did and everything we look. I did not say a word, I did not do any move to fight for him. I went to their wedding, wearing my sweetest smile and my last goodbye. I did not try to look at his eyes because it reminded me of painful memories. I flew to New York to work there. I developed myself, I changed myself, and I beautified myself.

After 3 years my mother told me that my bestfriend died of cancer. I wasn't able to return in our town because my boss needed me so bad in our university. And after 2 years, i came home for two reasons, to see my families because i missed them so much, and for our High school reunion. I saw R but I did not approach him. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to talk to me but i did not give him any chance, its worthless. I was civil to him, and so was he. I acted like there no "past" between us. I tried all my best to avoid him open the past. until last night of our reunion, he hold me so tight and i felt like all the pain he had caused me was gone away. but i pulled him away. I did not want to feel that way again because I was sure that he will hurt me again. I can't bear anymore pain from him. and I did not want to be second, second again from my bestfriend.

So i decided to go back to New York, but when we were on our way to the airport, he blocked our drive way. I shouted him angrily for disturbing my life again, but he kneeled on my front, asking for a last chance. He cried so hard that he did not bother to feel ashamed of the people around us esp. my family. He said he never stopped loving me though he married another woman. i was turning my back when he caught my hand, pulled me closer and hold me tightly. And from that moment, I could not help to control my heart and body because I embraced him back. My heart said that he was telling the truth, and my mind agreed.

I did not go back to New York, i started my life again in his arms. We got married and got surprised that he was still an inexperienced gentleman because he promised to himself he will reserved that "first" to his first and last love to prove his pure and God-given love.


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