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Crush on a Senior

I'm a freshman, i was new in school, i can't still adjust to the environment i supposed to have, i'm always alone, when the time comes, we had a students orientation in the Gym and i met all the members of the Student Gov. and the CAT officers, i saw this guy who was a lot older than me, he was a senior. it happened when i accidentally turn my head around to see what's happening then i suddenly realized i looked at him in the eyes and i was like panicking because i felt so shy that time, he was very similar to the guy i used to love back in summer, we went out for like 3-4 months, we were legally allowed by our parents, we were both athlete at a certain sport then it just happened, we met by seeing each other through tournaments and invitational championships, i was still with V when i saw this guy named P, he was a CAT officer, very attractive, gentle, shy, and he is one of the star sections, It made me realize that he was a good student, he excels a lot, he and her sister were classmates but her sister is an accelerated student so it happened that they're both intellectual, he was a lot similar to the guy i used to love in the past, the appearance, how they talk very common, but why?

I was just a new student, not very interested to move but still achieving to be the best, i met new friends, and a new best friend, we both told secrets to each other, she started since Preschool, she also had a senior crush, but the problem is her boyfriend's brother is her crush, it was more of accident, when she knew i had a crush on P, she started to tell the whole class, the teachers, the heads, and most of all The Seniors, they knew me because of having feelings for him, i was so humiliated,

P knew me unexpectedly. I started giving out notes to tell how sorry i am for all the pranks my classmates have to say to him, every time i get to pass by him, it's so weird we don't talk to much, because we're both shy, but still managed to be cool, as time passes by i kept on hearing my name being shouted all around being teased that i liked him a lot, then we started to have conversations in chat and we we're like best of friends but in reality we don't have the guts to do it

and the thing that hurts the most i knew this girl when she started calling my name and i was like "who was that?" and i was wondering if i did something bad at her for her to know me, but then i suddenly knew that it was P's "more than friend" girl, when my Best Friend talked to P, P said that they never became boyfriend/girlfriend. but they had something, maybe a spark or a secret relationship which made me cry a lot

so every time i get out of class and as i see her she keeps on making eye contact to me and she keeps on turning the around it's like she's mad at me, but every time it happens i'm always in No Reaction Mode, but still i hope for the whole school year, for the last time, i want to be happy for the attention he gives me, i don't ask for his love, maybe close friends? i can't help it, but the awkward moment is we never talked to each other

i don't know, but i love him and they spread rumors that the girl is insecure to me because of the attention of P gives me but still i'll be more sensitive this time :)


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