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Broke Up, Got Together Again

AJ is in science class A, and I am in science class B. It's like our classes are siblings but let's just continue.

When we were freshmen, i didn't know him. My classmate had a crush on him and because she and my other classmates talked about AJ, i had a crush on AJ even if i don't know him. But few weeks my crush on him on that year was gone....

When we were sophomores, i still don't have any feelings for AJ. But weeks after, I saw him on the road while i was inside the car then realized he was 'CUTE' then i had feelings for him or what we call, CRUSH..

I told my friend that i like him, then she told my other friend who's friends with AJ. Then, AJ knew i liked him, but i didn't know if he likes me too. I thought he liked my friend,w/c was true. . then weeks after, he asked my number from my friend then that night we texted.

Day after, he asked me "Tayo na ba", through text. I told him that it's too early and maybe on 3rd year high school. And so we were friends again but my admiration for him didn't change until we are Juniors.

PRESENT) We're 3rd year now. My crush/admiration for him didn't change and still, I like him. .Months after, he told my friend who's friends with him that he likes me. I didn't show my friend that I was happy about it. haha! .Then, he asked my new number and we texted. .

He asked me to be his girlfriend. Then i said 'yesh'. .Im very happy to be his girlfriend. He is my first bf and i want my first to be unforgettable. But few weeks later, I broke up with him, and i didn't know why. I think i just needed some space that time. But after that, we still text to each other and he even ask he we could get back together but i told him not now. .I still had feelings for him.

We got back together. And until now our relationship is stable and happy. .. Now I now why other people love falling inlove,.it's the best feeling ever.


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