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Had Love and Lost It

I looked across the school playground at 16 years old. I fell for her straight away. I never had the courage to talk to her in person, only online.

One snowy day, We were all playing up the local field with snowballs etc. I went over and chucked a snowball at her. She laughed. Later that day I went to my best friends house, she was there. We didn't even talk out of awkwardness. When she went I saw the opportunity arise. I walked her home and these were my famous words. "My friends wanted me to give you this" Then I gave her a hug, then I said "But I want to give you this" and gave her a kiss on the lips.

I asked her to be my girl on the eve of her 16th Birthday.

Everything was perfect. We were together for 2 and half great years, Deeply in love She was my prom date too! We talked about having kids, marriage and everything. During the last month of the relationship, I became selfish, stopped seeing her, stopped being myself to her. We split up.

For the first 2 weeks I was happy to have a bit of freedom. Shortly after I realised I had made a huge mistake. I fought my ass off to win her back, bought her gifts, did things she always wanted. It didn't work. My true love didn't love me anymore.

I regret my actions to this day. I don't think we'll love anyone how much we loved each other. Now she has a boyfriend. It hurts a lot. But she doesn't love him, I can tell.

I hope their is a happy ending to this story. We don't even talk anymore.

I love her and theres a chance always will.

I am 19 now. Sad, Lonely and Missing her.

A sad end to the best 2 and half years I could ever of wished for.


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