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one day I was in the classroom with my crush it was the first day back at school. I saw him staring at me smiling.I waved at him. he winked at me. when we got to science I noticed he was following me around. I sat down at my new seat the teacher gave us

I sat down and read what to put on my paper. then I looked up at my crush he was staring at me. this time he waved. I winked then he winked and blew a kiss at me. I said quietly I love you.

after class I ask my crush do you like me. no I don't like you ew growers. then he walked by desk when I was talking to my friends he slipped a note in my binder he walked away slowly. I went to my desk I pulled my binder open he left me a note saying open this up to read he put name down with hearts around it. I opened the note it said look up. my crush had grabbed me and started kissing me.

we have been in love every since then


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