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Long Distance Love

i was 5-6 in kindergarden. He was my best friend and one day we were all eating lunch he sat beside me. He quickly ate his lunch then turn to me and said to meet him at the top floor in his class. i was a slow eater so by the time a was done everyone was heading out the door. I finished my lunch then placed my lunch box in the cubby in my classroom then headed up the stair.

i met him in his classroom he told me at lunch time he was going to show me something .he came really close to and kissed me (more like a little peck) on my lips then surprised i jumped back a little i looked at him and he looked sad he asked if i didn't like him i said yes i like him but...he stopped me and asked if he could kiss me again and i said yea he kissed me again.

after that we still remained very close until we entered middle school and went our separate ways i came to USA and he stayed in Haiti. Our parents knew each other last i heard about him was from my mom she said he moved to canada.


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