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Five Years Together

So it all started in 7th grade, when I was twelve. I was a smart girl, always focused on school. I was shy then, and never felt love before. But that all changed when I walked into my 4th hour class. That whole class was assigned a seat next to another person, and in fact, I was assigned a seat next to a boy named L. He had really short blonde hair, and these gorgeous blue eyes. He was sort of muscular, and he clearly hit puberty. Everything I looked for in a guy, it was all there, on him.

Obviously, we didn't know eachother, so it was awkward when we had to sit next to eachother that first day. So, we didn't talk. After a short period of time, we made progress to becoming good friends. And then best friends. Everytime I talked to him, I would blush for absolutely no reason. Everytime I tried saying something, my voice would crack every now and then. Everytime I just glanced at him, I found myself staring and him staring back. When I heard his voice, my heart rushed with nervousness. He was the reason I wanted to show up for school.

I knew I loved him. L was on my mind all day, everyday. He was the first thing I thought about when I woke up, and when I went to bed. Only if he would've gave me some sign he felt the same way..

We stayed best friends two years later, nothing more. Until one day, in chemistry, we were paired up once again for a project. As I was working on the project that was due monday, I felt a pair of eyes locked on me. The eyes were melting me away. I turned and he was staring at me, and.. Smiling? I stared back and smiled.

That night, he told me to meet him up at the park just around the block from my house. I agreed and when I arrived, he was already there, waiting on a swing with a flower in his hand. He told me he loved me ever since he met me. He said words that night that I never thought would come out of his mouth. He was my first kiss, and we're still together now, in 12th grade. L is my true love ... <3


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