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It was my freshman year of high school and I moved to a new school. I didn't know many people since I was the new kid.

A week after being at the school I got to know a lot of people. Including this guy. He suddenly started to talk to me the second week of school and said I looked like a kitty. It was something very random and by each day we started to get closer. It had only been three days since we first started talking and he asked for my number. So I gave it to him and he started texting me that evening.

I was going for a walk and him and I were texting for awhile when suddenly he says,
"Can I tell you something?" And so I say
"I really like......... CHEESE!!!" I started laughing to myself texting back that, that was a very random comment. But then he says that that wasn't what he actually wanted to say and I asked what was he actually going to say.

He told me that he likes me a lot. I was so surprised, because he didn't show any loving feelings toward me. He asked me to be with him a few days later and I said alright. Back then he was such a big liar. He lied about everything and he told many stories that were lies. I soon got tired of it and broke up with him.
We stopped talking for awhile, because he was sort of mad, but my Sophomore year we started talking again.

We had three classes together and we slowly began to hang out a lot again. I soon realized that he had changed a lot since the last time I talked to him. He was super nice, funny, really weird, outgoing, and the biggest thing was he didn't lie anymore. I was happy that we could be friends again. The only problem was I was starting to develop the same feelings I had for him in our freshman year. December came and he finally told me that him and his father were leaving the following week. I was in shock. I almost started crying.

The week went by and when the day came for him to leave I finally told him that I fell for him again. He smiled and he said he had always felt the same for me since we broke up.

He left and I cried. By the next semester I had to leave too. I went to the next school and later that year he called me. I was in the park just walking around when he called. He said he missed me and that I should turn around.
I did so and he was standing right there. I ran to him and he hugged me. I started crying from happiness.

He had to go back to his house later but just seeing him made me feel so happy.


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