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Love hurts!

I'm in the 8th grade. And my best friend is a guy. I have liked him for two years now. He knows that I love him. I had told him in one of my delearious stages. He said "okay".His girlfriend is one of my good friends. Me and him are SUPER good friends. Like we tell eachother EVERYTHING. You name it we talked about it. We both flirt alot, but he only says something when he trys to get me to stop, He will say "stop flirting" i will get offended for hes flirting with me to and then he starts flirting again. He's sick right now and i feel terrible i wanna be there every waken minute and help him get better. His g/f is liek ohh hes super sick i feel bad..i dont think she really loves him like she says she does.I get s jealous when it says I love you ^^^^^ and I love you **** in there profile instead of my name. Of coarse they don't know that. And as of right now i got every one believe that i dont like him anymore.. its all a lie i love him i love every inch of his body his personality. Everything!
-love is pain - :'(


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