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let go of the hate in your heart and hope for a better tomorrow

i have just broken up with my GF of 2 years, now it was very hard on both of us because we both were just takin advantage of each other and not realizing how much we love each other. so its been 4 weeks and not a day goes by that i dont think of her, but we talk everyday and at first we had a big fight and we didnt talk for like 4 days. but we kissed and made up, she is seein another guy, i was with another girl and we both got really steamed about it. but now we both realize that in order to truely see if we are meant to be and are soulmates that we have to go through this period of confusion and questioning. so for all of you who are like me confused, sad and upset you have to keep goin you have to keep breathing and remember to keep love in your heart regardless of what happens you will be ok, let go of the hate in your heart and hope for a better tomorrow. keep that head up high, because tomorrow you will get up and i dont know what it will bring, but i will live my life to the fulliest. with hope -


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