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On New Year's Eve, right after midnight, we officially became a couple again

I started my freshman year of college with a boyfriend back home. I was supposed to live in dorms on the other side of campus, but happened to get moved a few weeks before school started... and thank God I did! On the very first day, we had a floor meeting and I chose to sit down on the couch next a really cute guy who was sitting all alone. The RAs of the floor asked us to introduce someone we didn't know, so I introduced him. Throughout the next week, we flirted, and talked and it turned out that he had a girlfriend too, but we really couldn't help the feelings that we had for each other. We would stay up talking until 3 or 4 in the morning about everything, and finally, we kissed. It was so great! It was pretty obvious that we wanted to be together and that we needed to end our other relationships. So we did. We dated for about three weeks, and broke up because we had some issues with trust. During the month that we were broken up, it was so hard for me to get over him. I knew that we were supposed to be together and I hoped that he felt the same way. One night, I opened my door just as he was walking by. I invited him into my room and we talked until 6 in the morning. We talked again a week until 8 in the morning, and the third time we talked, we kissed again. Right as we were getting used to each other again, Christmas break came, and he drove over an hour to come see me at my house. On New Year's Eve, right after midnight, we officially became a couple again, and we have been together since, and plan on being that way forever!


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