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It all happened in the most unexpected way and i guess the best moments are the unexpected ones.

Lesbian Love
I've been in love once before. It all happened in the most unexpected way and i guess the best moments are the unexpected ones....well the girl i first fell for was a former school friend who i never liked, in fact i used to tease her and just generally not be very nice to her.but then one day after we'd both left school we met ina social gathering, i openly aplogised for my stupid behavior towards her, she instantly forgave me and that was that. then on another occasion she came into where i worked to talk to a guy she was seeing, we engaged eye contact and began chatting, she then left and i watched her walk off into the distance, feeling this feeling of overwhelming wanting and an unexplainable feeling of warmth. Over the next couple of days i couldnt get that feeling or the thought of her out of my head. Then once again at my local pub we bumped into eachother, we sat down together and began chatting again, she started telling my how the relationship with this guy had fizzled out.our conversation flowed endlessly and i felt like i had so much to say to her.we were sitting very close, i could feel her leg touching mine.we decided to leave and get some food and every since that night we saw eachother everyday and we fell in love. she showed me who i truly was and she was so gentle and tender. i felt like i was on cloud 9, everyday was sunny and she was my sunshine. her love like a thousand angels protecting me and keeping me warm. the sex we had was so emotional and she teached me the meaning of making love.


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