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I exclamed why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?

i meet my boyfriend after i had moved from long island new york to south florida it was my first day at school when he came up to me and asked for my number.....i gave it to him(it was my dads) he than asked for my name i said if he called he would find out he did he found out my name was brandon (my dad)he was persistant so the next day in school he came up to me and once again asked for my name this time i gave it to him but he never got my number about two weeks later after playing hard to get at one of his football games he had told a few of my newly made friends he was inlove (with me!) he asked if we could go on a walk i gave in this time the feeling were mutual we went for a walk around our highschool campus until the skies ripped open and it rained for a while we ended up under our studant union balcony he told me i had gum on my lip i asked if he could get it of not reolizing who i was dealing with he moved in and bit the gum rite off my lipe it hurt so tenderly he kissed me he tried for more but than i exclamed why by the cow if you can get the milk for free(something my dad had told me)thats when he bought me! now its been almost two years and we love eachother more than ever every feeling we have for eachother is something we want to have forever at only 17 we are planning the rest of our lives together!


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