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The Cross-Country Trip

I had just moved literally halfway across the US and had to leave my cat behind until I could go back and fetch him. My roommate in my old apartment was supposed to care for the cat, but decided to move out, leaving the cat alone in the empty apartment. I panicked and decided I had to drive out there over the weekend to rescue my cat before he starved.

A guy who had always been very sweet immediately took the days off of work, prepared his truck for the journey and insisted he wanted to come along. He did much of the driving, and was a great support through the entire trip, even when we ran into a hurricane. There were many excuses for him to complain, but he never did.

He never made it seem like it was a great thing he had done - just a normal part of his wanting to be there when I needed him. That was when I knew that this was the man that would stand with me through anything.


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