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We dated for 6 months and then that dreadful day came

My story takes place in junior high. I was in the eighth grade and he was in the seventh. I remember the first day that I met him. I was standing in the lunch line talking with a friend when she picked on him. He was standing infrount of me and when he turned around our eyes met for the first time. He had beautiful big blue eyes that was when I fell in love. He sat with me at the lunch table that day and joked around for a while. For about 2 months after that we were really good friends. We would sit and talk for hours waiting on the school bus to go home. He was a quarter back on the football team and I was a football manager. We went to an away game on October 7th and he got hurt really bad. He sat with me on the way back home on the bus. We talked and I tried to make him feel better. That was the night that we started dating. After that night we were inseperable. We were together in school and out of school either he was at my house or I was at his house. My parents loved him and his parents loved me. He was going through a tough time at home because his parents were getting a divorce and I tried helping him through that, and I think that I did a pretty good job of it. We dated for 6 months and then that dreadful day came. One of my bestfriends was a guy named B*. He was falling for a girl really hard but she was engaged and I was trying to help him out by telling him that he was only gonna get hurt if he kept on trying. I wrote him a letter telling him that. At the end of the letter I signed it love always. That was the way that I signed all of my letters no matter who it was to but it didn't mean that I really loved them. So anyway a couple of girl got the letter and took it the wrong way and showed it to my boyfriend M*. He didn't talk to me all day that day and when I got home from school he called me and broke up with me. That was 5 years ago and I still love M* more than anything and would do anything to get him back. I have tried to move on with my life. I have a boyfriend now that I have been with for 3 years and we have a beautiful 1 year old daughter and I wouldn't trade her for the world. I would still love to be with M* but I wont wait around forever I at least have to try and be happy. So this is my story and if there is anyone out there that can be helped by reading this story then I am happy that I have done at least one thing right.


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