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he would always look at me and smile and i would look back and say "what?

It all started when i first met him on the bus and he would always look at me and smile and i would look back and say "what?" he smile even bigger and i would just roll my eyes. Well days go on and he follows me around school like a lost puppy dog and wait at my locker. So one day 7th period i was walking to class when he comes up puts his arm around me a says "B* will you go out with me?" I say "of course!" well when we went on our frist date we spent 7 hours together which was nice! later (a couple days go by)he tells me he loves me and im stunned and i say it back. well 2 months go by and he starts becoming distant and its realy buggin me out so i would ask him what was wrong and he wouldnt look me in the eye in tell me but he would say "nothing" and 3 days later with out any sign this girl comes up to me between 5th and 6th hour passing and tells me she heard he wants to break up with me! so when he comes up to me at my locker i couldnt look at him or nothing i totally advoid him. Im crying really bad right now. And i stop at the stairs and he had been following me so i turn around and i try to talk but nothing comes out so i run up the stairs and that was the end. I still miss him and i still love him which makes me mad. Cause he told me he loved me and that he didnt want to break up unless i or he cheated on me and i dont think he did i can tell these things. But he broke my heart and it hurts and i want to stop loving him but i cant i want to move on but its hard i dont think i will feel the same for awhile....I hope i do tho.


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