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June 2005--- Forbidden Love

June 2005--- Forbidden Love

I am a 50 year old married "white guy" with an 18 year old son. I've been married 19 years and have never "fooled around" with another woman. I look rather young for my age like mid 30s or so.

About 8 months ago I noticed a new face in the building where I work. She was this ultra cute korean gal, age 20. I was getting coffee and we exchanged a few words. My first thoughts were - man she is SO cute.. I actually followed her to see where she worked...

Shortly after this, M*** would come to my part of the building and talk.. no she would flirt. And being the flirter that I am I encouraged it - and thought little of it at the time other than a diversion from the daily grind. As time went on I brought my camera in and she let me take a few shots of her. She really hammed it up in these shots. She obviously enjoyed it. This is like 2&1/2 months after we first met. Time goes by flirting continues. We start exchanging e-mails. Then, I come to look forward to her visits and miss her when I dont see or hear from her... I would take little gifts to her ... heap attention .... I came to pine for her presence. Her little rosebud lips, the curve or her face, her sweet voice. She would call me pet names... and I would call her sweet things> We started to see each other outside of work....

About a week after her 21st birthday, we went out for dinner- It felt so good- heres this 50 year old guy with a beautiful 21 year old. I can only imagine what people were thinking, but I didn't care... We had a great time, we held hands, I looked into her dreamy eyes,,, afterwards I got to hold her in my arms and smell the warmth of her body and the smoothness of her delicate skin. Needless to say, after this I was totally hooked on her - it was April - After this I would try to see every chance I could get - we would go out and just hold each other and touch - it was so forbidden yet so delicious -

She is going away to college soon..... I will miss her so much....


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